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Everyone else has an 'About Me' page.

I also wanted somewhere that I could explain what this website is for me.

Which is handy because it is sort of an 'About Me' page.

Pretty much everything in here is autobiographical; excepting the Guides and the odd discursive piece on issues of the day, in which case - that's what I'm thinking at the time...so it's still autobiographical, if tenuously. There are two sides to the autoblography - blogging about the days as they pass, and making up for the fact that there were 22 and a bit years where I wasn't writing it up as I went along.

Here is expression, and memory, here is tale and talk, time and tide.

I was born on this date - the 10th of October, 1979, in St. Mary's Hospital in Newport on the Isle of Wight, England. I lived on the island for nineteen years, and have popped back since. At the time of writing I live in New York City. I moved to the United States to marry the love of my life. We were married on the 18th of October, 2004 at City Hall.

There is very little fiction here. It may be presented in a format where what is given is chopped and changed and manipulated to give a certain impression, but it is all true and it has all happened to me.

I'll tell it how it is, but I'll tell the story how I like...

Some Good Bits

The Songs
Starting out as a way of telling stories, the songs have developed into pieces of writing where fragments of life are presented together to give the impression of something gained from them...whether personally, emotionally, or just in terms of what has happened. GOD I sound like a pretentious twat sometimes. Anyway. Here they are.

Songs of Innocence, Songs of Experience
Songs of Love, Songs of Indifference
Songs of Fantasy, Songs of Reality
Songs of Journey, Songs of Home
Songs of Ending, Songs of Hope

Personal Philosophy
I'm an environmentalist, someone with strong views on responsibility and world politics and development. Sometimes, and through a highly developed interest filter, I write stuff down about it all.

The Answer, My Friends
Financial Discord
To Be, Definitely
The Only Scientist In Town
Fear of Flying

Getting To Know You
An abortive series started with the intention of telling the kind of stories you tell at around 11pm over the last pint of the evening. The first story is the last question in an interview post.

Celebrity Foot In Mouth Disease
Eyes Higher
101 Things About Me

The New York Diaries
Stopped rather abruptly due to the immense distracting qualities of the Big Apple and a certain someone I met there...but if I'm honest the records of this nine days in March 2004 will stay with me til I die, so I'd be stupid not to put them here. An invite to a birthday party on the other side of the Atlantic led to the biggest change in my life to date, and gave me more happiness than I ever imagined possible.

Mr. Sod and I Have Had A Falling Out
Airline Of Your Very Dreams
Passport Arrives In The Nick Of Time
The New York Diaries: Day One
Megaboots and Cheesecake: The New York Diaries Day Two
Jetlag and Buttermilk: The New York Diaries Day Three
Bagels and a Gallon of Chocolate Fondue: Day Six

The Guides
If you need a guide from me, then man you're lost.
Stuart's Guide To University
Choosing a Course
Choosing a University
Pulling: The Groundwork
Student Culture
Stuart's Guide To Hatfield
The Cheese Shop
Erol's Caf?nd Grill
The Galleria
Hatfield House
The Rest of Hatfield

And when I say humour, I mean attempted humour, obviously. And by miscellaneous I mean stuff which it would be too much like hard work to sort into categories.

Gone Fishin'
The End of The Road
For The Love Of Shiny Things
The Isle of Wight Festival
Not Just Another Bachelor Boy
Holey Rat's Piss, Batman!
How To Be A Bad Housemate (With Reader Contributions)
The British Institution (With Reader Contributions)
Open Letter to the Blogosphere
Attempted Humour
Blowin' In The Wind
Cold War
Conversation With The Mirror
How The Web Was Won

There are also a whole bundle of odds and sods and coffee mornings in there too that I'm pretty proud of, but I'm sure you've got plenty to be getting on with...


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