The Foreseeable Future


Shockingly, I was admitted to the fold of door-to-door energy contractors with little to no trouble.
Shockingly, I am moving to Bristol, oh, ah, let me see, when was it? Sunday. Yes. Sunday. No time like the present and all that.
Shockingly, my future involves knocking on doors to houses owned (hopefully) by people I do not know, and persuading them that
no, I am not selling electricity, but merely attempting to give them a discount.
Shocking, isn't it?

...and that was the end of today's tabloid blog. Broadsheet readers read on.

Living Arrangements
None to slight.

Knowledge of Job
Slight to firm.

Potential Earnings


Well, I'm of out of Ventnor, Ruralsville, Isle of Wight, AKA Craggy Island, AKA Alcatraz UK, AKA home.
I'm off. Bristol beckons, and I will not be found wanting. I'm in this for the money. Solely the money. Not for the sake of leaving this bejewelled island, or getting out of my parents' hair, or for the kudos the job brings. I am in it for the money.
If even the great piles of promised cash do not compensate for the soul-scratching nature of this job, then I'll pack it in. Who knows, there may not be much soul-scratching to come. I hope not. I like the vague gleam my soul has at the moment.
It would seem to be an insane abandonment of all I've worked for, there're no entry qualifications for this job, there is no basic rate of pay, there is nothing even remotely academic involved. There is only the promise of money, there for the taking if I can do the thing they want me to do in order to get it.

I hope this blog doesn't testify to a decomposing set of morals or a declining ethical outlook over the coming weeks or months. For starters, I won't be blogging so much - I'll be working, and sleeping.

I'll miss my books, and my music. Above that I'll miss my family, despite the lengths they've driven me to over the past months. If they're not there, then I'm not me, however much space there is between us at any time. My Mum is a bit beside herself - my Sister moved in with her boyfriend last Friday, in preparation for commuting to Portsmouth University as of Monday. We're both moving out at once, and she has chronic Empty Nest Syndrome. My Sis has always been around when I've been away at university, and now we're both off and away. Invent the remote hug, someone.

All this to one side, I'm quite excited. It's something I've never done before, with potential financial reward with no limit. All those crappy growing-up and student jobs (DJing excepted) where it was infuriating that you got the same rate as the skiving, lazy and in all probability annoying bastards whilst you slogged your guts out...this time, I get paid for how I work, and if I can crack it, I'll work well.

Wish me luck, keep in touch, and well, be good.

Fun in a Bun


Interview Number Two in three days arrives tomorrow afternoon, and I'm considerably more laid back about it than yesterday's. Its for a 'marketing' company, and Ben's been working for them for most of the summer. Selling energy contracts, door to door. At 25 a contract, Ben's been making 400+ a week, apparently. I would never , as my arrogant childhood self, in a million years imagined a newly graduated-from-BIIIIIG-school me, selling electricity and gas door-to-door.
But hey, if the money's that good, I have no complaints, and I can work:

a) until my overdraft bank loan is paid off, and then decide what to do, OR
b) until graduate recruitment season comes around again...

Anyway, right now, I have nothing more financially concrete than a job that has no basic rate, and depends on my ability to charm housewives in the Bristol area.

Hmmm, I've just checked, and there's no emoticon for 'hesitant grin'.
Wish me 'luck' people, if you have any spare, I'll take it...



Just a quick note to let people know how I did! I didn't get it in the end, 'in the end' being the operative phrase, seeing as I was one of four people out of the last ten who didn't get a job!

The place was really nice - modern, well-lit, funky art in places and casual dress in the workplace, as well as the work being done being really interesting and rewarding. It reminded me of being in Radio One, and the room where we had the group assessment in the morning was so like the 'One Big Boardroom' that I had to keep shaking my head to clear it.

Made a few friends, despite a couple of people barely keeping their teeth hidden as they growled, all pretence of sociability and friendliness with rivals for the job totally absent. Gratefully, almost all of these people went in the first (50%) cut, and the ok people were left. After the 'Final Cut' was made, myself and three others made our way to a nearby pub, to find most of the others who had left a few hours earlier still there.

Apologies for the random text messages to join us, I was of the impression tht everyone who I associate with London was within 30mins...
/me shakes his head in colloquial rural shame

Anyway, outcome being that I'm ok, no worries, and I'm off to have a shower.
Take care now...



Normally, I am a man of just two reactions to things that are generally expected to invoke nervousness. One, I deliberately over-compensate so that when the time comes I find it difficult to get at all excited or motivated, much like university work, for example. I know it will get done, so there is no problem. The day before the deadline, there is now a problem, but I've spent so long not worrying that a surge of work fueled by adrenalin is hard to kickstart.
Then there's the other way. Bodily I am calm, but my mind goes nineteen to the dozen. This sounds great when in interviews and exams and suchlike, but when it comes to getting to sleep it's a bit of a bugger. Generally on nights like this, which occur only very rarely, (ie in terms of years between them) I get a snatch of music or dialogue, or even a situation into my mind, and play it and replay it over and over again at a rate of knots. This isn't something I do deliberately, obviously! The situation generally isn't helped by the fact that if I want to sleep, it's difficult, and if I achieve, by some miracle, a sort of semi-restful slumber, I have terribly twisted dreams and wake feeling crap.

I'm in a mood at the moment where I may be in for a torrid night. My mind is racing, I'm not tired at all and I have to be awake and raring to go in a mere seven and a half hours. I HATE KNOWING THAT! How can you sleep under pressure? Maybe I need to fuse the two reactions to nervousness into racing mind - day of event, overly-calm - night before.
I'll give it a go.

What interview?

Five AM start. Leave house at 0545. Catch train in Shanklin at 0615, boat at 0650, train at 0720, tube at 0850ish.
Arrive early at Paddington Offices of OMD UK.
Participate in morning 'team building exercises' (team building for what, exactly? Only four of us are going to be left after the day!) and written test.
Participate with gusto in free lunch.
Wait for the moment of truth, find out if:
1) I've made it to the afternoon interviews, OR
2) I have the afternoon free to go sightseeing.

Sub-plan 1
Participate in afternoon interviews. Secretly drink OMD UK into bankruptcy through sudden loss of all coffee supplies if interview goes badly. If interview goes well, secretly drink OMD UK into slight financial crisis, easily averted, through sudden loss of all coffee supplies.
Await results.
1a) Good results
1b) Bad results

Sub-plan 1a - Be smug
Sub-plan 1b - Be not smug

Travel home.

Sub-plan 2
Do Science Museum, British Museum, V&A and London Eye within twenty minutes. Spend rest of afternoon shyly peeking into naughty shop windows in Soho.

Travel home.

That's about it...

Wish me luck. All supportive text messages gratefully recieved...

Right Here, Right Now:


Saturday afternoon and home is bloody busy. The sister's boyfriend's parents are coming to dinner this evening, and as well as sorting that out, hoovering, clearing away the bloodstains etc etc, my parents are planning on doing a car boot sale tomorrow morning. I'm vaguely attempting not to get nervous for Monday's interview in London whilst at the same time trying to do a sample budget for living in London on 17,000 a year. This has lead to me trying not to cry at the amount of money I will be freely, without rancour or option, giving to the government to help run this fine country of ours forthwith - if I get the job. I've never had a job that paid better than 5 an hour, and the sudden leap to 22% income tax and 11% national insurance has come as a bit of a surprise!

Alice has had her wisdom teeth out, and is, as far as I know today, all right. She was gleefully tucking into ice cream and soup just hours after the operation, so nothing to worry about too much, other than that her gums are a touch swollen and she was really tired when I spoke to her on the phone last night.

Thoughts on Life:
I've returned home after five-ish days away, spending some time with Alice before her operation, and then for a night out in Southampton with Dave which was great fun. This style of life, typically that of an interim period, was common enough between university terms and years, but is now quite probably the last time I'll be free to do as I wish for the foreseeable future. I'm not sure how I'm going to take to working in a job and knowing that the job is wholely and purely what I am doing with my life at any one time. It won't be to bridge the gap between two terms or years in education, nor to fund travel or adventures. It will be to make a living.

The nature of my life at university was that of being involved with and doing several things at once - student radio, RAG, my degree, writing, my social life, any girlfriends that happened to be around at the time, running an election campaign, DJing in the students' union... I know that to a certain extent I'm not going to stop living and the lifetyle I have is down to me, but only so much is possible! I'll be working full-time (IF I get the job, blimey I'm going off on one here) and there's only so much you can do with weekends and hey, days off are there for a reason.

I've had it so good/easy for so long, I know this, but I'm sure it's not out of order to wonder how I'll cope with the change to full-time work.

Have fun, and don't forget to.

Serenity of Hampshire


I type on Alice's laptop in her sister's bedroom in their rather funky bungalow in Kingsworthy outside Winchester.

I arrived yesterday, and I'll probably stick around until Wednesday evening or Thursday morning, as Alice is going into hospital to have her wisdom teeth out on Thursday afternoon, and is pleading imminent gerbil-dom as her excuse for not wanting me around after that...

My OMD interview is a week away, and I'm not nervous, as much as annoyed that nothing else has come from my jobhunting sprint which means that so much hinges on this now. I hate only having one real option, because everything becomes so pressured and every action weighs heavy on the future. I do have another interview soon afterwards if the OMD thign doesn't work out, but it's not particularly secure, and I'd rather not move into door-to-door sales as the first job proper I do after leaving university.

Everything at the moment seems to be going well. Alice and I have had a wicked day today so far, and we're off for a drink in a minute.
I went fishing for a couple of days before the weekend, buying a short-term license from the post office and walking out to the ponds in nearby Whitwell where I used to go when I was about 12. It was wonderful. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful, the scenery perfect, and the fish, rather than leaving me to enjoy this tapestry in peaceful meditation, seemed keen to join me on the bank to cop an eyeful. (31 fish in two days, by the way, it's the luncheon meat, they love it) No genetic mutants to report, but there was one oversize mirror carp who, after an epic 5 minute fight (hardly the hour-long fight of a Caribbean marlin, this is British coarse fishing, btw) obligingly did say, "Aaaah", when I asked him to, in order for me to get the hook out of his lip. Well, it surprised me, anyway.

Hi to all those who followed the link from, I hope Dave's not been too depraved fact I'll go check out his site now myself...

Life summary:


Marital/Girlfriendy: Alice is brilliant. Everything is perfect. Cynical comments as to how long this may last not welcomed!

Work/Lack of Work: I have an interview! OMD UK have invited me to partake in their convivial assessment and interview day on the 23rd of September. This may or may not be seen as a deliberate invocation of The Law of Sod, as OMD UK recieved the only media-related application I did, amongst 50ish engineering applications. I have a degree in engineering.

So, if you're reading this, Monsieur Sod, thank you very much, and your help will no longer be required...

Thoughts On The Future: I've slowed down on my rate of coming up with plans for the future, and I'm now down to about one every two to three days. Maybe in time I'll stop, at which point I will probably give up hope of actually having a future and die, or refer to some earlier plans that, having absolutely nothing else to do at the moment, I have written down.

Current plans include: Moving to Prague at some point, and writing there. Moving to Paris at some point, and writing there. Moving to my desk at some point, opening up a MSWord window, and writing there (joke). Odd-job working my way around the world (something you can only really do when your young). Starting myriad businesses. (Obviously not all at once- I've just had a lot of ideas in this direction). Doing something in radio/TV/media, as previous work experience/awards give me a foot in the door. Getting a job on the Island. Getting involved in organising the next Isle of Wight Festival, and making it good. Getting involved in a small engineering/renewable energy company in New Zealand that I know of.


Other Stuff: Well, resolving to keep this blog a little more religiously, hopefully every week, with thoughts and insights rather than just updates, which unless you have the privelige of knowing me, might be more than tedious.

Hope you're ok.


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