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Will blog soon.

Nor'Easter 2007

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[OR; why a career in television journalism might not be that challenging...]

Roving Reporter Bill: So, as you can see, a mix of hail and freezing rain is really coming down out here. In Forest Hills we had about one inch of snow overnight, but what's making it treacherous is the ice underneath, making driving AND walking difficult.

Studio Reporter Dave: Thanks Bill. Well you're live with us here on XYZ-TV News, bringing you the up to the minute latest on Nor'Easter 2007 in the Tri-state area. Let's go over to Mack in the weather room to see the latest on the radar.

Blue Screen Dude Mack: Thanks Dave, I'm here in the XYZ-TV weather room manning the radar screens and as you can see on the screen behind me, we've got a thick bank of clouds working their way south across the region. We've only had one inch of snow so far in these areas, but after the rain and cold weather, there is, in actuality ice underneath all that stuff, which is proving to be an issue. In fact, we've got Sandra outside the radar weather buildings right now. Sandra?

Roving Reporter Sandra: Thank you, Mack. Well, as you can see the rain and hail is really coming down out here and you might be able to see behind me that there are salt trucks working their way along the roads, but they're having some difficulty as there is in fact ice underneath what seems on the surface to be a really small amount of snow. The roads are pretty treacherous. Back to you, Mack.

Blue Screen Dude Mack: Sandra, thank you. Behind me on the screen is the total snowfall so far - in most of the region, as you can see, we've had about an inch, with hail and freezing rain coming down on top of it. Dave.

Studio Reporter Dave: Thanks Mack. You're watching XYZ-TV News, bringing you up to the moment coverage of the blizz-excuse me- the weather hitting the Tri-state area. Light snow is expected to keep falling until around noon tomorrow, but falling, as we're about to see, into freezing conditions. To see how that's affecting things, we've got Jill in the East Village.

Roving Reporter Jill: Hi there Dave. It's really unpleasant here in the Village, with people walking around being very careful because of the ice underneath the snow. The roads are really sort of slippery because they've got ice on them as well and I've been talking to Buddy, a FedEx driver, about the conditions. Hi there Buddy.

Buddy: Hi.

Roving Reporter Jill: So, tell us, Buddy. How have you been finding the difficult driving conditions?

Buddy: Well, it's been difficult. It's more slippery than just because of the snow, you know? It's like there's something else other than snow making it slippery. I dunno. (laughs)

Roving Reporter Jill: Thank you, Buddy. We're going live now, over to XYZ-TV's Johnny B, who is at this time roughly one block away from where I'm standing. Over to you, Johnny.

Roving Reporter Johnny: Thanks, Jill. Well, conditions here one block North of where Jill is standing are pretty bleak. I've been standing here waiting to go live for about ten minutes without an umbrella, and I'm both wet and being pelted with hail. There's about one inch of snow at present, with rain and hail coming down as well. Bob the cameraguy nearly fell over a minute ago, so I can say with some conviction and with the added weight of a harrowing personal experience that there is ICE under this snow. ICE. Back to you in the studio.

Studio Reporter Dave: Thanks guys. You're tuned in to XYZ-TV, bringing you the region's most up to the minute coverage of Nor'Easter 2007. It's a terrible day, weather-wise. There's an inch of snow on the ground with, as we'll hear shortly, ice underneath, and a constant barrage of icy rain and hailstones falling on the city. The perfect weather...for romance.

Studio Reporter Cindy: Thanks Dave! It's VALENTINE'S DAY! I'm here with ten blushing couples standing outside in Rockefeller Plaza-

Stuart: I've got to go to work, darling.

Krissa: Have a good day!

Drawing A Line

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It?s been a month or so since the Engine Room post, and since then my flickr photostream has become an endless stream of tan-grey blurry photographs of pencil and pen drawings.

I started to worry about this when I hashed out a seven-frame vignettey thing the other night, but didn?t have the patience or the desire to fill in frames that were more or less there to set the pace.

I know that?s bad. But I was more excited about the concept and how it progressed AND the drawing of the more important frames, and I was happy enough with that to upload the lot to flickr and leave the pace-setters as eight-to-ten pencil stroke affairs.
Because of flickr?s wonderful reverse-upload wossname the pictures were in reverse order and I created a set to put them in so they could be watched in a slideshow.
I figured I can improve the frames, revise them, improve them, replace them, and improve the slideshow, right?
I hope so.
Because right now it LOOKS LIKE SHIT.
Now most of that is because of the aforementioned blurry photos of pencil drawings, but also because, sum total, I spent about forty minutes on it.

I?m not aiming to produce polished webcomic-style flickr foddr at the moment, but to show the learning curve at which I am very much at the bottom.

I just looked back at all the uploads from the last month or so and it smacks of Napoleon Dynamite?s ?The Liger, bred for its skills in MAGIC?. They make me cringe a bit.

It is not my intention to point at these sketches and go, ?Aren?t I great and awesome?? but to keep a record of how I?m doing. A few weeks ago I read Questionable Content from beginning to end (which took a while, but it?s a great comic, and you should too) and then at the latest entry, I clicked all the way back to the beginning and marveled at how different the style was. And hopefully, I will one day be able to look back at the stuff I uploaded now and say, ?HAHAHAHA bred for its skills in magic.?

But only if you want me to. If from now on it?s polished, finished article style stuff, and not sketches and not photos of sketches, or half-arsed blurry- the-page-was-curved-sorry photos of them that you?d rather see, then that?s it.

Aaaactually, no.
I want to keep posting the half-finished and lesson-learning stuff, but maybe I was just sufficiently insecure about it that I wanted to qualify it.



A Visitor

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This is Flat Stanley.
Stanley is an Illegal Immigrant.

He arrived on Tuesday in an envelope from England, along with twenty or so letters from children, pleading that Stanley be admitted to the US and allowed to experience what life is like here.
I know what it is like to be faced with the prospect of dealing with the US Citizenship and Immigration Service, so, reluctantly, I agreed to take him around the city.
Dodging the authorities where we could, we took a walk around Lower Manhattan. We got pretzels, half-walked over the Brooklyn Bridge, checked out the Woolworth Building, and had a quick chat with a TV crew on Wall Street covering the Presidential visit. (Click on the photo above for the Flickr set of our activities so far)

So Stanley's been given a good time, but if you google him, and I did, you'll see that over the years, little Stanley's pulled this trick hundreds of times.

I feel betrayed. Part of me wants to turn him over to la Emigra and have done with him, but another part of me wants to best everything he's seen before. Which will be tough. He's met Bush, Clinton and Schwarzenegger, travelled all over the world (and who wouldn't, when your airfare is the cost of a stamp?) and under the aliases of Asep, Mark and Ujang he's toured all the continents INCLUDING Antarctica, seen the Taj Mahal, flown IN A U2 SPYPLANE, been an extra on the West Wing, and this is just so ridiculous I'm not even going to describe it, but just link to it in envy.

Maybe this diminutive, two-dimensional character is more interesting than I am.
He has yellow ears! And his fingers are coming unstuck! And he's more interesting than me!

But after a career as a professional freeloader and taking advantage of all those kind people, I think it's time Stanley started pulling his weight, no matter how small that might be.

Which is why I'm using him as a bookmark.


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