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So anyone following my flickr stream a month or so ago would have seen these (all thumbs link to the relevant flickr page):

...a group of photographs taken by a colleague of mine from the 134th floor of Burj Dubai - a gargantuan skyscraper still in construction with a long way to go before its finished, and the world's tallest building by any definition. Currently, Burj Dubai is as tall as two Empire State Buildings. From ground level, as of the last month, it looks like this:

(photo from BellaBlu2007)

I spotted this video on Metacafe this morning, an excerpt from a US show called 'Really Big Things', showing a presenter given a tour of the building, and the view from the top:

...and here is a small chart showing Burj Dubai (far *edit* RIGHT) compared to three other towers currently in the planning stages that are all taller:

In my opinion The Mile Tower (that's right kids, one full earth mile tall) would look much better in a red and white checked colour scheme, like the rockets from the Tintin comics.
tintin rocket.jpg


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