Oh, You Waster

The trip to San Francisco back in May was marvellous. So marvellous in fact that Krissa and I were completely seduced by the place and created half-baked plans to move there...how, where, when...who knew? But it was a pleasant enough mindset with which to enjoy the second half of our time there.
We met some wonderful people, checked in with a few old friends, and enjoyed the wonderful  hospitality of Anna and Bobbie, superstars both.

Okay, so that was June...it is now August. Where was I?

Oh, well right now I'm sitting in my apartment with a dully throbbing jaw after a rather brisk doctor levered two of my wisdom teeth out yesterday. 

But we were talking about June, so just for your closure Krissa's pictures of that trip are here and mine are here.

My sister and brother-in-law, Jemma and Tom, just came to stay for a week, which was great! I hope I managed to pack enough Americana and Newyorcana into the seven days. The trip was a surprise gift from Jemma to Tom for his birthday, and Krissa and I decided to add to it, by taking them both out on a boat trip around the harbor, on the Pioneer
It was a magical evening, being in such good company, so close to the water you could reach down and touch it, under an evening sky clipped only by skyscrapers and sailcloth.
I wish they'd been able to stay longer.

What else what else what else...

Oh! Work's going well. My flickr stream photos of work-in-progress buildings have been switched to friends and family only, just because of the usual concern of rights, distribution etc. But if you haven't, check them out, or, alternatively, the United States Institute of Peace webcam is up here for all to see. There are two cameras...one on the main trailer, the other on top of the taller crane. And to think that place used to be a really, really big hole...

Nano has a new squeaky toy (thanks Jem and Tom!). 
Krissa has a new clicky toy.

I would like to not have to be recuperating now, please.
You can say all you like about the wonders of modern medicine, but it seems the method of removing a tooth is as good as it gets - numb, slice, heave. I don't resent that, but SURELY you could vaporise it or something? Mini light-saber it out?
I'm feeling fairly lucid, but with a bit of a fuzziness of thought which means my attention span is realllly looong. Woo painkillers.
Let me rephrase that to woo painkillers I am taking very seriously and only when I need them woo.

In my daze I finished reading The Da Vinci Code this morning.
In my defence my recent reading list has included two Pratchetts I hadn't read (Going Postal and Making Money, both much better than I'd expected and something of a return to form after the long slew of Watch whodunits), Jane Austen and the Theban Plays of Sophocles.
So I think I earned the three days of guilty reading.
I don't know why I'm trying to justify myself to you, internet. Most of you have read Twilight, for which (so I am informed) you have no excuse whatsoever.

I just got the new Gomez album, A New Tide. It's very different, and while it was shiny-new-exciting to start, the later songs on the album sort of failed to maintain that excitement. I hope it grows on me...

What else have I got going on? What grand schemes?

Well...not much, really. 
Life is very good indeed, mind you.
I might volunteer to work the occasional weekend on the Pioneer.
That would be fun.


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