The Human Countdown - tck tck tck

So! If you watch this:

Then when you watch me doing something similar in the middle of this: won't look so odd.

Yesterday in Central Park, Adam (an old university friend ) and I took part in a dynamic human sculpture, organized by Oxfam, Avaaz, and a host of other organizations, as part of tck tck tck. Tck tck tck is a campaign for an international climate change plan that is ambitious, realistic and -vitally- binding.

Many news organizations were sitting on top of the cranes, shooting away - so far I can only find stills, like this one, (AP/LA Times) of the starting hourglass, and then this from Reuters of the tck tck tck in the lower bulb...but I'm sure the video of the full transformation is coming.

Human Countdown in New York

I was part of Siberia.

This week is Climate Week in NYC. Events abound.

The COP15 talks in Copenhagen in December are our best hope for another Kyoto style agreement in the next few years. If an agreement is not made there and action taken, climate change will keep accelerating.

If you are not in New York but would like to get stuck into the effort, provides details of how to get involved in the Global Climate Wake Up Call, a campaign to help people communicate their concerns to governments worldwide before this week's UN Summit, and Copenhagen later this year.

And yes, I too think I look ridiculous.
Your point?


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