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So! This results in, rather unsurprisingly, a lack of blogging that's gone on for aaaaages. So screw it, frankly.

I went to Philadeplhia with Krissa and Beth and Josh last weekend. Josh's band, Heads Up Display, were playing a gig at the Grape Rooms in Manayunk.
Manayunk! There's a place in the world called Manayunk.
We had a great time. We saw the queue for the Liberty Bell (it was HUGE you guys, you should go see it for yourselves, it was really impressive), and the Philadelphia Art Museum, which does a much better impression of what Greece Must Have Looked Like In Its Prime than the tiny models at the Parthenon, with the sad exception that the Philly architect built in sandstone in an area with a healthy coal-burning power industry, so his creation will probably go down the road of impressive architectural decay more rapidly than its distant marble counterparts. All the people doing Rocky Balboa impressions at the top of the long run of steps were funny to start, tiresome after the tenth or twelfth, and then sort of sad, but not as bad as people who drove past the Rocky statue at the bottom of the steps yelling ADRIAAAAAN! and disappointingly maintaining excellent control of their cars.
The GPS with the Mary Poppins accent died as we arrived in Philadelphia:
Turn left.
Turn left, then turn left, then keep left.
Drive point three miles
Battery Low
Thank god for that
so we navigated our way home via assumption that New York would be easy to hit and when that failed, Google Maps on our new iPhones. This of course meant that those batteries died but by that time we could see the Empire State Building so aiming at the city was back on the cards.

My schizophrenic work iTunes library is on shuffle and just played three songs in a row beginning with 'Sugar':

Sugar Mountain: Neil Young
Sugarless: Caviar
Sugar Magnolia: Grateful Dead

I have no idea what the odds are of that happening.
I have 5456 songs, so 1/5456x1/5456x1/5456, I suppose, or 6.15x10E-12 or 1 in 163 billion. Maybe. But then that's the odds of any three song combination coming up. It's only because I spotted a theme afterwards that makes it unusual. Maybe we should downgrade probability for only being impressive in retrospect.

It's goddamned hot and humid at the moment. Our apartment's main air conditioner is struggling to keep up. The compressor just takes whole evenings off. Everyone assumes that as a building design engineer I know everything about air conditioners, but I don't get paid to pick window units out of the Home Depot catalogue. I could sketch out a scheme for the whole apartment block in a day or so that'd cost a couple of hundred thousand bucks but when it comes to the smaller bits of kit, after learning that it Makes Things Colder I'm judging it on how nice the front bit looks just like everyone else.

I have just eaten my lunch - it was a ham sandwich.

There. Bases covered.


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