Still In Short Trousers

This past weekend was BlogHer 2010 in New York and Krissa and I met up with the luminous Leah and Kristin and Corey for a wonderful brunch in Manhattan. Eggs were eaten, much coffee was drunk, and we talked about blogs more than I have in years.

Reading Leah's post here about how strange it is to have blog relationships that go back longer than other 'real world' ones (and it is), I looked back at my banner.
Bloody hell. 
It's been eight years. 

I may have been updating at a rate of a post a month or even less, but this here page is still ticking.

This was me making my entry into the blogosphere (do we still call it that?), on a sunny English summer day when I was newly graduated from university and had very little to do. The connection in my parents' house was so slow I used to surf the internet with a book to read while the pages loaded.
I picked a standard Blogger template. It had a lot of orange.

Eight years old.
If my blog was human, by now it would be asking awkward questions about where babies come from.


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