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I've had a little free time this week, and managed to upload a bit of a backlog of photographs from, er, well, the rest of 2012, including a weekend break visting Mark and Steph in Washington, DC, our trip to Savannah in February, which was culinarily indulgent and a great weekend getaway, and myriad random photos and videos that had been lurking on my old work computer. I'm changing jobs at the moment, so I had occasion to clear a lot of (not all, alas) my files out.

So here are a few of my favourites from those photos, with a bit more about them than you usually slip in as a flickr or facebook photo description.

The trip to DC in March included a tour of the United States Institute of Peace on the National Mall, up and running (the Institute have moved in, it's not yet open to the public) since early last year. 

I worked on the design and construction of the building from 2005 until it opened (and a little bit after) in 2011, and Krissa often jokes that the white hairs on one side of my head are the result of her efforts, and the other side is USIP. It was a unique and challenging project, but it wasn't without an awesome payoff, as it culminated in a beautiful and quirky building that sits in a landmark location, and whose occupants strive for a noble purpose. You can't really ask for more job satisfaction, and that's what this picture means to me - 'job done.'

Job done.

In February Krissa and I took a long weekend break in Savannah, Georgia. It was a great trip, with lots of walking through grassy squares filled with trees laden with Spanish moss, the streets lined with grand old houses, cobbles uneven with time and old roots. We rented a car one afternoon and drove out to Tybee Island, even though the weather was grey, and walked out along a pier, watched and were watched by the long-legged birds, and visited the little Aquarium, where I snapped a photo of the happiest tortoise I've ever seen.

Krissa Likes Beaches

Oh yeah, I did that thing.

This one isn't off my old work hard drive, but it's an awesome photo. From June's trip to Key West, Florida, for Krissa's amazing Mom's birthday. After a morning of shark fishing (my birthday isn't until October, but you aren't in Key West every day, and Patricia was both insistent and incredibly generous) we zoomed back to the harbor at amazing speed, and Krissa's face as we sped along under breathtaking skies was a magical thing to behold.

Speedboat Girl

We're off to Florida this weekend to spend Krissa's birthday with her Mom and brother. I've been mixing studying and relaxing this week, ahead of starting a new job after the Labor Day weekend, and seeing as my exam isn't til the end of October, I've not been giving myself too hard a time about the relaxing part...although there are certain games I should probably remove from my computer in September if I want to pass...


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