Never Underestimate The Parakeet Owner Lobby

A little while ago I was riding the train from Albany to New York City. The suited and respectable looking gentleman in the seat in front of me was having a very interesting conversation, so I wrote it down:

"I don't know. For as long as I've been aware of the penal code, it's been spelt with an H."


"Perhaps someone some time ago in the state system decided that it was less exotic with an H. That spelling it with a J was too foreign or hispanic."


"Well the law in New York is interesting because it doesn't extend to *deactivated* marihuana seeds. Right."


"I don't know how you deactivate them, they can't germinate, or grow. Right."


"Well the reason for this is that deactivated marihuana seeds are a principle ingredient in parakeet food. Right."


"Well I suppose, but that's the main reason I'm aware of why the law does not extend to the deactivated protect *pause* well...their owners."

(At this point I laughed out loud but pretended it was at something else)

"Well, you and I are probably now two out of perhaps six people in New York State that know this. Right! Anyway, you know where I am if you need me for anything else. Bye."


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