2013 in Half-assed Review

Well hello there. Here we are! 2014. The years keep racking up. 

I am hoping that this is the year people drop the 'Two-thousand-and-' from the year number, because frankly we've only got so much time left alive and things would be sped up considerably if everyone switched to 'Twenty-'. We were doing so well...ninteen-ninety-eight, nineteen-ninety-nine...and then, just because of 2000, that gave everyone a year of saying 'two thousand' and now we're stuck with it as a prefix.

Move it along people, I've got cups of coffee to get to. Think it through - do you really want to be saying two-thousand-and-twenty-seven? Two thousand and seventy seven? What about next century? I for one shall refuse point blank to utter the ridiculous construction that is 'Happy two thousand, one hundred and thirty seven!'. I expect I'll be even more impatient by that time, having diminished my remaining years somewhat.

This year's been a bit of a mixed bag, I have to say. Krissa's accident in July, and the ensuing complications and recover was pretty terrible, but she's bounced back marvellously and I think, truthfully, that we're a stronger couple than we were before. I had to take responsibility for everything rather than us sharing it - cooking, dog walks, laundry, shopping, the lot, and while it was tough at first I think I edged out into a sort of parental zone, or what I think of as a parental attitude - if it needs doing, do it, because no one else will, and do it now. A state of ur-responsibility that made me feel a little more confident about becoming a father.
And I racked up a simply incalculable number of brownie points.

We lived in Manhattan for the first time. Krissa's ankle and the stairs at our apartment meant staying home meant becoming a hermit, and while she could have worked from home, for her sanity and her amazing Mom's generosity we moved into a sublet on the Lower East Side, in a building with an elevator. It enabled her to get to work, even when in a wheelchair, or on crutches, and finally one crutch, and then tentatively walking freely.
The noise from Houston Street meant I frequently gave up trying to go to bed before 2 or 3am at weekends, and revellers attempting to pet him drove Nano into a bit of a frenzy.

The apartment became more ours over time, with pictures and knicknacks and familiarity, but we learned we could live with much less stuff, and so we've been on a series of purges since we moved home - of clothes and shoes and games and 'maybe we'll need this one day' stuff. Another way in which perhaps we've changed this year - we're a lot less sentimental about possessions that don't warrant it in any way. (but this was the extension cord we used in Astoria!)

Krissa just got back from a 40 minute gambol with Nano in our snowy park, so I think we're near the end of Anklegate 2013, if not the insurance paperwork, and that makes me happy.

It wasn't a resolution, more a change, but I've stopped playing games on mobile devices on my commute, and started reading more, and that makes me happy. Krissa gave me a Kindle for Christmas and I've already finished three books. (one of those was a Hunger Games title, if that seems suspiciously fast) I love being able to give a book to someone after reading it, which will be tough, I think, to avoid the feeling of constraint with digital titles, but I will, selfishly, be reading more.

2013 saw my stage writing debut, if I can call it that, with a couple of funny short plays put on by a group of friends, and listening to the laughter in the audience was a brilliant feeling. Writing a play feels unlike prose writing, where you're conjuring out of thin air. Writing solely dialog feels immediately like there is something to attain, some measure of reality and verisimilitude, even if only within my own mind, and the process of getting there, editing and rewriting, feels persistently constructive, like something is being wrought.
I was working on a draft of another Analogous Jones play when I got the call that Krissa had had a fall...and while I've written one other short thing since, I've not jumped back to it. 
I should, because it's fun.

What else...oh! I changed jobs again. It was a good move, I think, but I miss working with the people I got to know at the old place.

I had no exams this year. That was good. Consequently, though, I'm thinking perhaps going back to school might be a good idea, and pretty soon. I have loose ideas...

Anyway, a very mirthful and positive 2014 to you and yours, and seeing as I'm less bloggy now than generically social media-y, here's where else you can find me:

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