2014 In (late) Half-assed Review

Good afternoon. 
It appears this blog works again! I do not know why it stopped for a while. If we're disconnected, try refreshing the page or coming back in another 14 months.

2014. OK.
It started with illegal fireworks on the roof. 
In no particular order or priority...

Krissa and I celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. TEN YEARS people. Engaged after nine days, married ten years. I love my wife.
We rented a cottage in Athens, New York, for a weekend in October, found a toy bow and arrow in a shed and shot dry leaves in the garden and pool in another shed.
Our friends threw us a lovely surprise anniversary party.

We spent a wonderful week in California, driving a convertible up the Pacific Coast Highway from Los Angeles to San Francisco, seemingly among hundreds of other people also driving convertibles up the Pacific Coast Highway. Big Sur is breathtakingly beautiful. It was a wonderful holiday, a bucket list check-off for Krissa, and I kept a bit of a diary (the old kind, with a pencil and some dead tree) because it's a habit I have when travelling. It captures the time a little better than Instagram, anchors a feeling or a set of thoughts from an unusual context, and can take you back there in some capacity. They're also almost universally pretentious in retrospect, but STILL

Santa Barbara CA, 5.30pm, balcony of Bath St Inn 5/24/14
Never having owned a car, I never really understood what people meant by the American love affair with the motor car, or why, in the face of all the negatives, car culture is the one pervasive presence across climates, states, attitudes to life in general. Today we had a sun dappled and windswept drive, top of the car down in the twisty roads of the Hollywood hills, and a long run up the 101 North out of Los Angeles as half the town crawled painfully South after Memorial Day weekend. Watching thousands of cars stationary on the other side of the median was immensely guilty-making, but reinforced the luck, the privilege, the liberation from the norm that we embodied as we sped along - everything, I think, Krissa had been hoping for when we first talked about getting a convertible. I'm not saying I fell in love with the motor car today, but her appeal was made exquisitely clear, even as her downsides - a miles-long jam under smoggy skies, were embarrassingly intrusive as well.

Maybe I should make those separate entries. It was a great trip, seeing good friends on the west coast and generally teasing a move out there while enjoying the tantalizing prospect of it.

I went to England twice, once in April, catching my sister's birthday, and again with Krissa for Christmas. Family time is good. When I first met my niece at Christmas in 2012 she was basically a burrito, and now she's a fully fledged little girl, with tantrums and sugar crashes and a cheeky glint in her eye.
In April I tried to book a cheap flight with Air India, having enjoyed them before, but got a Kuwait Airways flight instead, flying in an almost empty plane with a lot of broken seats. I enjoyed the flight enormously. What I really want out of a transatlantic trip is not a fancy entertainment system but space, peace and quiet.

We went up to Boston in January for the Mystery Hunt at MIT, which was as ever, great fun.

I enjoyed the World Cup.

I took part in the People's Climate March in September, with a few hundred thousand others. I saw Al Gore. It was an amazing feeling. The march, not seeing Al Gore.

I'm fairly sure I didn't write a goddamned thing in 2014. I toyed with some play notes, but nothing more. There's something about my current place of work that is challenging enough for me not to be looking for kicks elsewhere...which is about as euphemistic as I can put it. I miss the romance of it, the hope and excitement. 

I turned 35 in October.

I went to my first groundbreaking ceremony for a building I helped design, in Phoenix, Arizona. It was a cool feeling. Perhaps not as feelgood as the 'Hey look! A building!' ceremonies at the other end of the construction process, but fun times. Busting out the summer wardrobe in December is always a plus.

I'm cheating writing this by consulting other social media, but seeing as it's actually the middle of February 2015 I feel this is allowed. I'm going to have to cut short, as despite it being a holiday, I'm teaching a little later. Teaching where? I guess that can wait until 2015 in review.

Be well and love.


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